The Hotel California was founded in, 1947, by a Chinese immigrant named Mr. Wong. After three years of construction, it opened on February 5, 1950,. Mr. Wong lived in the 16 room hotel with his wife and seven daughters. Wanting the locals to believe he was Mexican, Mr. Wong changed his name to Don Antonio Tabasco which didn’t work as well as he had planned since he soon became known as "El Chino," meaning "The Chinese Man" rather than Don Antonio Tabasco.

In the 1950's, "El Chino' brought ice from La Paz to Todos Santos for the first time ever, and the Hotel California's restaurant and bar served the only cold beer in town. This of course made him quite popular and ironically he opened a general store named "La Popular." He then opened the first gas station in Todos Santos directly next door to the hotel further establishing his reputation as a visionary. This was just the beginning of the hotel's colorful story. It's future was to become even more intriguing.

During the 1980's and 1990's, the picture became much more clear again. The hotel had become neglected and in 2001, a Canadian couple John and Debbie Stewart purchased the hotel. After completing a masterful renovation, which would later win numerous awards for design and décor, the original 16 rooms were transformed into the eclectic 11 suite hotel it is today. The restaurant, La Coronela and bar were added and the area of the original gas station became the tienda Emporio, the hotel's boutique gallery/bazaar.

"A little jewel in the middle of the desert."
-John Stewart, creator of the modern era Hotel California

Today the "legendary" Hotel California is an icon, shining brighter than ever. It continues to evolve, changing with the times as it has since its birth in 1947.

The song “Hotel California” by the Eagles was not in any way inspired by the Hotel California in Todos Santos. The hotel wishes to inform its guests that there is no past or present connection between the hotel and the Eagles, any of its members, or their song. Any rumors or innuendo suggesting that the song is associated with or inspired by the hotel are untrue.