The construction of the Hotel California was conducted by the Sr.Wong and began in 1947 but it was not until February 5, 1950 which was inaugurated. Mr. Wong was of Asian nationality but always wanted the people of Todos Santos saw him as a Mexican, so I decided to change his name to Antonio Tabasco, better known as "El Chino Tabasco." He lived with his wife and 7 daughters in the small hotel with 16 rooms, had a variety store called "The People" and also a bar and restaurant.

El Chino was a visionary ahead of his time, was the first to bring ice from the city of La Paz couple sell the only place cold beer, it was also the first to have a gas station in Todos Santos.

"On the death of the Chinese, his family decided to sell the hotel to a villager who then quickly change the name. But the change did not last long because soon after sold the hotel to an American who will immediately return the name of Hotel California . "

In the late 90's the "Hotel California" was closed and offered for sale. Was empty for about 4 years until finally a Canadian couple, John and Debbie Stewart, bought it in 2001. When I bought was pretty run down, the 16 rooms had. For the reopening in 2002, the hotel had 11 rooms, a restaurant and bar. The area where the station was originally, became the now famous Emporio shop.

In the ten years since the hotel reopened, reborn as a beautiful boutique hotel. The restaurant "The Colonel" was created by renowned Canadian chef Dany Lamote, and is renowned for its cuisine Mexican / Mediterranean. The Hotel has its own brand of tequila "Hotel California Tequila", which has been exported to the United States and soon to Canada and Europe.

And to continue delighting our customers we have recently opened The Restaurant "Holy Wine", an eclectic bistro and wine bar. As addition to the history of the hotel will reopen "The People" a gourmet shop and bakery.

Hundreds of tourists come every day at Todos Santos, "Magic Town", a fine art galleries and of course to visit the famous Hotel California. Many come looking for the legend of the Eagles and the connection to the song. What we found here is probably the inspiration for the song, but more importantly find here really magical town and the real Mexico.